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Samsung Knox compromise video and blacklisted domains

  NOTICE: Due to the extreme seriousness of this demonstrable flaw in Samsung Knox security, we at EncroChat have taken all measures to protect our subscribers from potentially compromising themselves by communicating with users on the Samsung Knox platform....

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The BlackBerry Memory Cleaner

Preamble: In answer to the storm of criticism from subscribers about the recent revelations that seized Blackberry devices are exposing deleted encrypted PGP email messages, many PGP Blackberry resellers are telling their subscribers the Blackberry smartphone memory...

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Wi-Fi vs Cellular Network Debate

Before we begin, both type of networks are secured from eavesdroppers as we fully encrypt our communications end-to-end within our applications; specifically Triple Elliptical Curve Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral 25519 (ECDHE) key exchange with AES 256 cipher in CTR mode...

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